Hunt Country Suspense Novel #3

Globe-trotting photojournalist Abigale Portmann is in war-torn Afghanistan when she gets word that her beloved Uncle Richard, the seventy-year-old "Silver Fox" Master of the Middleburg Foxhounds, has been brutally murdered . . . [read more]



Hunt Country Suspense Novel #2

In the trophy town of Middleburg, Virginia, tragedy strikes as The Chase begins when Doug Cummings barely escapes a suspicious horse trailer accident with his life and realizes that someone is out to get him. But who? . . . [read more]


Hunt Country Suspense Novel #1

The Hunt, set in the elite foxhunting community of Middleburg, Virginia, just outside Washington, DC, tells the story of Doug Cummings, an attractive, wealthy lawyer and horseman who is the target of a twisted but clever scheme to frame him for murder . . . [read more] © 2013 Paper Chase Farms, Inc. All rights reserved. Privacy policy. Legal notice.