Gold Medal Winner—IPPY Award, Best regional fiction

Notable winner—Eric Hoffer Book Award

Second novel in the Hunt Country Suspense Series

Set in the elite trophy town and foxhunting community of Middleburg, Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C., tragedy strikes as The Chase begins when Doug Cummings, an attractive, wealthy lawyer and horseman, barely escapes a suspicious vehicle accident with his life and realizes that someone is out to get him. But who? His only known enemy, twisted psychopath Zeb McGraw, is behind bars. Could someone on the outside be helping McGraw? Or could the culprit be the mysterious cowboy, who miraculously helps save the life of Doug’s horse but who almost seems too good to be true? Caught in the middle is alluring horsewoman, Kendall Waters, who is recently divorced and battling the demons of her past. As the chilling plot unfolds, Doug is forced to confront the would-be killer and end the nightmare, no matter what the cost.

The Chase captures the colorful lifestyle of the old-money, tweedy, horsey set in a thrilling, non-stop journey filled with revenge, greed, loyalty, and love.

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