Benjamin Franklin Award Finalist

Nominated for a Library of Virginia Literary Award

First novel in the Hunt Country Suspense Series

Doug Cummings, an attractive, wealthy lawyer and expert horseman, is riding high at the top of his career. But things change when he becomes the target of a twisted but clever scheme to frame him for murder. When Doug’s former lover and then his horse groom are killed, Doug becomes the prime suspect. With the media and local law enforcement breathing down his neck, Doug struggles to protect his loved ones and races to find the killer. But the evidence against Doug mounts until even his own attorney doesn’t believe him. 

Set in the historic and picturesque Virginia hunt country just outside Washington, The Hunt depicts the elite community of Middleburg and its close-knit, foxhunting crowd. Doug wonders whether the locals will band together to stand behind one of their own, or view him as an outcast, and he’s stunned to discover where the lines of allegiance are drawn.

The book’s compellingly crafted characters include Doug’s beautiful but aloof female attorney, who is torn between her feelings for Doug and her uncertainty about his innocence; a spirited little girl whose special bond with Doug makes her the victim of a nightmarish kidnapping; and a belligerent cop whose judgment is clouded by a lifetime of resentment towards the wealthy equestrian gentry. 

As the plot twists and turns, The Hunt carries the reader on a gripping, fast-paced adventure packed with love, scandal, envy, and vengeance.

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